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Sweet perfume from the Alabaster Jar

He can only bring forth His perfumes from vessels that belong to Him. He does not steal that which is not His or demand of one who does not willingly desire to be filled, He waits to be given permission to fill when and how He chooses. The vessel cannot be filled until it has been shaped on the potters wheel, formed into a vessel of honour. The vessel cannot be filled with holy perfumed oil while it may contain substances that will taint and mar the contents. It cannot be mixed with substitutes or that which does not have the seal of heavens approval.

The perfumed oil in the vessel cannot be enjoyed while the vessel is sealed, it will need to be broken open to release the fragrance. Once opened and smeared on the recipient, no power on earth or in heaven can remove, destroy or pollute while such a one consents to subject itself to the Master Perfumer. He alone knows the divine ingredients needed to bring forth this rich, smooth, beautiful aroma. The alabaster jar and the contents belong to Him, for His enjoyment and pleasure, to do with as He desires.

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