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                                                   AN OFFERING MADE BY FIRE

Burning Love   


          THE FIRE OF YOUR SPIRIT IS ON MY HEAD                
                    PENETRATES MY HEART, I'M RAISED FROM THE DEAD                     
 I ONCE WAS BLIND, BUT NOW I SEE              

Many years have passed and still I am slow to learn as He sits at the blacksmiths forge, in the crucible of fire where He placed me so long ago. His desire to bring forth an instrument for His work.  Isa. 54: 16  Twenty years ago a stranger came with these the words " He knows the way you will take and when He has tried you, He will bring you forth as gold" Job 23: 10.
He spoke of His purpose for my life. Little did I anticipate the extent of His patience and great mercy with one so unfit.  Am I now fit for the Masters use?  He has used this still tarnished piece of gold. I have lived that word over and over and still I cannot see any sign of the gold. But I know I am not meant to, for the burning is to rid my soul of its pride in itself. He who losses His life will find it.

Are you one who knows the intense heat of the crucible as the Master sits before the forge and moulds you into an alabaster jar, He alone will recognise? To be filled with the holy anointing oil, a gentle smearing on your soul, embalmed for the burial as the cross annihilates your self life, waiting for the full resurrection power of the Spirit.  Broken bread and poured out wine? Formed, conformed and transformed, changed into His likeness and image, no longer your own, now a prisoner with gilded silver chains of redemption around your ankles, signifying your allegiance and covenant with the King of love.

A whole burnt offering, burnt beyond recognition, a place of ashes, helplessness, a wholehearted surrender, laying in the Masters hands willingly allowing the firing and burning until what had been only head knowledge of all things, in His hands become a divine truth, freedom never known before and with it immeasurable peace, defying all earthly understanding.  Burned through and through until moulded into the image of God.  Formed, conformed and transformed.  The Godhead spoke in the beginning, " Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness". Gen.1:26

No rights, no justification before man. A perpetual yes to all He would ask as the fire in the soul burns for Him. The divine nature burnt and sealed with the divine ink of redeeming grace into and on the vessel of pure gold, no force in heaven, on earth or under the earth can erase. A marked man or woman, walking in the unseen realm among those ordained before the foundation of the earth to receive on their forehead," Holiness unto the Lord." The world holds no attraction for such as these. The setting apart is the call, although the one so called resisted often the still small voice. The enemies whispered lies seemed more attractive as he presented many temptations that initiated the burning to come. Little did he know his attempts were a catalyst to drive the soul into the heart of the Beloved.

Of no importance to anyone but Him, reserved and set apart for Him. A sweet aroma in His nostrils.  The book of Life speaks of the offerings to be made by fire to the Lord. The grain offering of first-fruits beaten and crushed mixed with the oil and frankincense, so fitting for the one prepared to withstand persecution, slandering and suffering, taught by the Spirit Himself to rejoice for His names sake. To count it all joy when various temptations and trials come. The one who is the grain of wheat having fallen into the ground to wait in the dark confines of the earth for its time of resurrection life, to come forth to be beaten and crushed, mixed with the oil of joy and the sweet incense of suffering love, laying down the life to be an offering of intercession as the burning heart becomes the altar of incense that His desires are fulfilled. 

The Great Baptiser with His winnowing fork in His hand bringing a separation and with it much misunderstanding and unrighteous judgement from those who do not understand. The cleansing of the threshing floor, as the thorns and thistles, wood, hay and stubble be as ashes, gathering the pure grain of the wheat into the barn, leaving the chaff to be blown away by the wind of His Spirit.

Gold Refining Fire,  Launderer with His soap,  Purifier of silver,  Maker of precious stones, fashioning a holy sanctuary where He may dwell, a resting place for His heart.


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