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The Scars of War
We’ve fought the battle long and hard
There seems no end in sight
As the sun rises each morning
Our souls survive the night

How long, how long ,Oh Lord
Must Your people endure this war
As we wait for You Oh Lord
To greet us at heavens shore

Some days the hosts of hell
Press on every side
As we batter the gates of glory
That they would open wide

We see the wounded all around
Their souls in need of rest
Many fought the good fight
They have stood the mammoth test

Lord, avenge Your holy Name
As we lift Your banner high
We sing Your song of victory
And we sound our battle cry

“It is finished, it is finished”
Still thunders from the Cross
What Satan thought to gain
Became his greatest loss

Your precious blood You shed
Still cries out from the ground
The Voice of it so mighty
All heaven hears the sound

Could You, would you, speak again?
Rolling, peals of thunder, lightning in the sky
We would lift our eyes to heaven
Knowing You draw nigh

Please lift our hands that hang down
Strengthen our weak knees
As we follow on to glory
For You hold heavens' keys