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He will take what we offer, break it, bless it and give it to others. He took the loaves and

broke them into fragments that others may be fed. He will make us into broken bread and poured out wine.

The ravishing( to carry off, to enrapture) the Soul, the secret of self abandonment is in the dying, not the doing; the utter helplessness of the flesh. The breaking of self brings the infilling for power.

The birth of Christ for the believer is the breaking of the waters from the secret place of the womb.

Buried seed ( the Word) conceived in the womb of prayer:

1. A quiet time                               2. A secret time

The Lord confines many as a woman who is in confinement waits for the birth of her child. This is the work of the church, in fact the woman is the church. That which is to be birthed in due time is in need of nurture, spiritual nourishment, rest and spiritual exercise.

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