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 DANIEL GENERATION                      The Lord speaks:


Today I have a heart of sorrow, a burden, heavy and without relief. My heart grieves for the cries of the oppressed, the lost, the lonely have reached My ears. The enemy is making war with the offspring of My church, destined before the foundation of the world to be My sons and daughters. So many hidden in back allys, unseen, hopeless and helpless. So many fatherless, lost and seeking healing for their souls. They turn to other gods to fill the void. Other religions, cults and gangs, new age healers whose leader is the prince of this world. The gods of drugs, alcohol, sport, unclean entertainment, mobile phones, emails, computer games, violent and pornograhic cinema, seductive, satanic music and the pursuit of money to escape the pain of unfulfilled purpose and direction. The world is looking for a balm to heal the psychic pain of its soul.

 I would make a covenant with My people who are called by My name. I have raised up My body from the grave to walk in resurrection power, to overcome by the blood of the Lamb, to love not your lives even unto the death, to be a testimony to the enemy, that My word will not return empty but accomplish the purposes and plans I destined before the foundation of the world. The gates of hell will not prevail against My church. I have given you authority to cast out demons, to loose those in captivity and set the prisoner free. I would have you accept My word to My servant Moses; I AM has sent you, My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest.   

You who have agonised in your garden of Gethsemane, walked the Golgotha Road to Calvary where you laid down your life for the raising of the Body of Christ. You who in your weakness manifested My power. I will manifest Myself to you as the Glorious Man clothed in linen with eyes torches of fire and a voice as the voice of a great multitude. You who know your God, are strong and mighty to carry out great exploits. You shine with a brightness and will instruct many who will turn to righteousness. Equipped with supernatural insight, an excellent spirit, filled with Holiness of Gods' Spirit, carriers of the anointing, smeared upon you and as a virgin wth her lamp full of holy, sweet smelling, anointing oil. Vessels full of understanding and wisdom and the authority of Love. Your time of training for reigning is almost complete and you will pass the test to be ten times better than all the astrologers and soothsayers of this generation, given dreams and visions, revealers of the secrets of the ways of God. You have not bowed to the image of gold, the sound of satanic worship that gives glory to the prince of the power of the air. Having stood in the fiery furnace and come forth with no stench of fire, carrying the sweet fragrance of Christ.

Call out to Me and I will show you great and mighty things.  

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