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Possessed by love for Love Himself

Confinement, solitude, seclusion; words that speak of coming into a state o f stillness, quietness or for some aloneness or loneliness. Can I say, if embraced to the fullness will lead the soul of one so lead to lie down in green pastures beside still waters, to dwell in the secret place of the most High, under the Shadow of the Almighty. To utter with such total abandonment to His call, I will say of the Lord, " He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in Whom I trust"

This place of intimacy is the hearts' refuge and protection for divine conception. But first it will need a fresh circumcision, the place of conception be cleansed by the pouring out of blood as the new fertile womb waiting in readiness for the coming seed to bring new life. This holy impregnation, the beginning of the forty weeks of confinement anticipating the birth pangs with profound joy.

Bearing fruit only possible through an intimate relationship with the Word of Life Himself.

His holiness covers her as a husband covers his wife in loving embrace. The giving and taking of Love becomes a holy fire encounter, possessed by love.

More than an awakening as the kiss on the lips of the sleeping beauty . She had waited a thousand years for the consumation by fire. The Spirit of burning exchanged her soulish, sentimental love of being in love, burnt beyond recognition of herself. She emerged out of the furnace of affliction to find within her a caress of infinite tenderness that beheld her heart. She gazed into His eyes of fire, they would not let her go. She no longer felt fearful of being known as she had by her earthly lovers, this was a safe love. She ached in her soul to return His ardour, aflame with love. A ministry for her Lord became ministry to Him, forsaking every soulish desire for His sake : A PRISONER OF LOVE

Acute loneliness in the soul; a dying process. When its work is done the deisire for solitude welcomes, in fact it becomes a part of the new cry of the resurrected soul for there and only there can the heart be truly refreshed. Being with those who have not been this way can become a trial. But even this battle for the souls ascent is in itself likened to a crossing over

treacherous waters on a very old bridge, easier to go back; a hasty retreat would be a safer decision. At least one would be familiar with the past. To not even look back is just the first hurdle. That which was once declared by faith now becomes the life.

An alien living in foreign land, not belonging to the world as it intrudes on the peace and surrender, finding no joy in what it has to offer.

Being alone becomes comfortable and yet loneliness may present itself as torment or perhaps grief. The Lover of your soul sojourned on earth for thirty three and a half years, living on borrowed time, so too is the one who lives not for the self but lives for the One who gave His life. The soul can accept it too is just passing through, but to live as though from another realm is something to be experienced. 

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