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The origin of fear began in the garden of Eden with our ancestors Adam and Eve. Their fear became ours, passed down through the generations, showing itself in many forms. Memories locked into the cells of our bodies and given life when we are confronted by trauma, terror or just plain anxiety. Witnessing tragic events as children, criticism, bullying, being physically mistreated not to mention sexual abuse in all it's forms.

How do we respond and deal with this fear and the subsequent helplessness that comes in it's wake. We need to not only be freed ( delivered ) from the spirit of fear in our spirit but the effects of this fear. Being witnesses to much fear and violence leaves scars and causes fear to take root. We can also inherit fear in our nervous system that goes right back to Adam.

The effects of fear will manifest themselves in various behaviour patterns. All designed to control the fear that resides deep in the core of our being. We cannot allow this to be acknowledged even to ourselves for fear of being overwhelmed, so therefore we bury the anxiety to survive and take cover in a multitude of ways, even detrimental to ourselves and others. e.g. anger and rage hidden just below the surface.

Even many believers are operating in fear. Doctors will tell us, fear can make us sick. The very word dis-ease speaks for itself.... uneasy, not at rest, the body becomes tired and the immune system breaks down and all manner of sickness may develop. Even while sleeping it releases the poison of fear.

Fear causes massive amounts of adrenaline to be released into the human body. This chemical is needed for flight or fight should the need arise. If the body cannot do either, the adrenaline stays in the body and begins to release excessive cortisone, which may be a factor in the disease cancer.

To be continued

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