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The Word of Life

The Word of Life before it may be birthed lies in the safe place undergoing a transformation. Almost cocooned in the darkness of the life giving Spirit, hidden as was John the Baptist in the womb, always waiting the Voice of the Word to quicken into spiritual agreement. These words from heaven shut up in the bones until all the dross by the fire of God purifies all the hidden motives of the carrier before it can come forth as an oracle.


She was a consecrated soul, but still she needed to be yielded to a finer work. He would weave her onto His tapestry of life.

Spiders web lace glistens in the morning dew, gathered the sunrise, chasing away her night of shadows.

Fleeting truths spun like fireflies, dancing in the light of the moon. She welcomed the nights.

In the stillness His earth slept and His Spirit moved and glided silently seeking those whose souls entered their rest with His Name on their lips. Little did they know His Name bathed them in a heavenly glow that attracted His Presence while they slept. The Light of His Presence shone brighter when the sweet darkness descended.

Her soul longed to hide from the noonday glare

The thought and intents of her heart laid bare

Her pillow no longer wet with tears

His fire of love melted her fears

She was espoused to Him, a Crowned one. She had been captive by fear, now a prisoner of love.

Oh! the joy of sweet surrender

Memoirs of another time:

If you were without tears, battles and failures you would never learn to lean on Him. Oh! dear saint, be thankful for these situations for they are the very things that will be your training for higher levels of anointing. You will come forth as gold, for He knows the way you will take.

He is the Maker of fine jewels. Only gold and precious stones can be used in a crown for a most glorious King, only gold, pearls and precious stones will be used to build a new heaven and a new earth. He uses His finest workmanship, He uses the broken hearts, those offered to Him to be be placed in the crucible of white hot love, to be molded, chiselled in His merciful hands.

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