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Dear Child,

“I will speak to the disorder and chaos in your soul and darkness will flee. I am the Light of your world, even though for now darkness seems to have you captured. Remember, because you have been in this darkness for all of your life, I will first be the Light to your path and the Lamp to your feet, until you become accustomed to walking with Me. You may not be aware of My Presence until the day breaks and darkness give way to Me.

Because the Light of My Glory is brighter than the noonday sun and your eyes have been used to looking and not seeing, indeed they have had a veil over them, which in the fullness of time will be removed. I will need to open to open the eyes of your heart gradually lest you be blind forever. You may not hear My voice until you ears are trained to hear, this is the way, walk in it. I will walk with you through deserts, storms and raging seas. I will be to you, the Ship, the Anchor, the Lighthouse, the Lifeboat and the Port when it is time for you to come home to My harbour.

Do not be dismayed or fearful for once you have consented to My presence in your life, be assured, I will never forsake or leave you.. I will take you to high mountains and you will see forever. There will be many times when you will walk in the valley of the shadow of death; there I will teach you to fear no evil. I will be your Rod of Authority and your Staff of Comfort. In the depths of the sorrows you have encountered even though you did not know, there I grieved with you. I will teach you to long for and enter into My Presence. When you experience sorrow, there is where you are sensitive to My Spirit for in that place I feel what you feel and wait to comfort.

My methods and plans will be completely alien to you for a time and on numerous occasions you will not understand My ways. What you will come to understand is that My ways are not yours and the plans I have for you are for good and not for evil and your future will be filled with hope. I will need to teach you over and over again through the trials and testings of your earthly life. If you will consent to allow Me to establish those things which concern you and although for now all seems hopeless, I will bring you into a place of rest.


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