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Prepare the Way

I will break up the fountains of the deep and cause a shift in the spiritual hard crust in the hearts of My people. I will bring a groaning in the earth as it waits for the sons of God to be birthed. Waters of repentance will flow from all corners. My church is dry, barren and unable to produce fruit from My vine. It has grown briers, thorns and bramble bush, where jackals, snakes and scorpions breed. The spiritual climate a breeding ground for every creeping thing.

I call My body to have dominion and subdue through the intercessions of My Spirit, to join with Me at the throne, where I stand at the right hand of My Father, making intercession for a lost world. Springs of living water will pour forth as My body presents itself as living sacrifice to bring forth an Elijah company of prayer warriors. An altar of incense ushering My glorious end time church into the secret place of overshadowing to bring forth divine conception.

As the seed is planted in My matrix of love, I will be the refuge, the fortress, the protection for the birth of the offspring of a new generation of overcomers. This place is a delivery room where she will have the strength to push as the labour pains increase. No longer will My body be subject to dry births, still births and miscarriages. The spirit of abortion will be rendered powerless of My womb of prayer.

The groaning of My body will be matched by the groanings of the earth heard in heaven, I will heal her uncleanness as she touches the hem of My garment. It is the hour of incense, the Angel of the Lord will appear to many and announce the coming forth of the Elijah company of prophets who will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers, the disobedient to the just. A people who will prepare the way for My second coming. 

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