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There is a place for your sad soul to hide;

A wound carved out in My pierced side.

Hidden deep from the probing eyes of man,

The great mystery of My Father’s plan.

When your heart is trembling with many fears,

And you’ve shed what seems a river of tears,

You’ve only to drop on your bended knee

To hear My Voice whisper, “Come to Me”

I’ve counted each tear that falls from your eyes

As the enemy wounds you with more of his lies.

Will you hear what I say, “He has no power”,

Remember My words in My final hour?

It is finished, I cried as I gave up My life,

For the future joy of taking you as My wife.

My Father has chosen a bride for His Son,

That the whole world rejoices, living as one.

Each tear is a pearl, wrought through much pain.

What you thought as loss, I used for My gain.

The wedding dress is still being sown,

Worn by blood of My blood and bone of My bone.

The cloth of this gown, embroidered with tears,

The pearls I have treasured down through the years

So precious were they, as I heard your heart cry,

And for that reason, I chose to die.

There’s comfort and peace this world can’t give,

If in Me you will consent to live.

I am your Rest, a home to abide.

I will carry you there, My beautiful bride.

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