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 Today I sense He is close by and as my awareness sharpens, I realize that is always the case but at this moment He desires to break through my outer shell of concern and fear to reveal yet another truth. I am drawn to the quietness of the inner sanctuary where He dwells in the depths of my heart. A longing and yearning to live in the light of His life and yet knowing full well I, by His Spirit am kept living in this place by the word of His power, kept there simply because He sustains and continually breathes afresh into the soul of this one who finds herself in a barren and thirsty land. I too have been formed from the dust of the earth. Was it a dream or a memory when I felt His hands form my being as I lay still, waiting for I knew not what, as I do today. How long did I wait for His breath to fill me with Himself as He spoke? Did He speak softly into my new inert form or was it a command?

I too have been woken from a deep sleep by the breath of His mouth. Did I hear Him say " LIVE" when He placed His mouth over my nostrils while I slept the sleep of no dreams? Did I feel my newly formed veins fill with blood as I took my first breath. And as His breath filled my whole being, did I stand on my feet and open my eyes in amazement and wonder at all He made? Could I, at that time feel the sweet, soft dew of heaven surround me in a canopy of love as I do right now?

Today I wait once again for the renewing of the breath of His life to awaken me from my earthly slumber that I may stand again, formed, conformed and transformed.

There will once again be a time when we will see His face, walk and talk with Him in the garden He made for our pleasure. To fellowship together, with no distractions or interference, among those who too would say, "Come, Lord Jesus Come".

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