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May I share with you my heart concerning the following revelation, this being the second time I have attempted to put into words His desire for you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, from His treasure house, old things and new. You who know the Word will note all written here is from the the Word in prophetic form. I have given some scripture references, but not all as I felt to allow the Spirit of His Holiness to flow with as little interuption as possible.

May I add, you being schooled in the Holy Spirit will have an unction as you know all things, that no man shall teach you but by the revelation of the Spirit Himself. Be it unto you according to His Word.

Many are the mysteries of the Kingdom and the Lord gave the assurance to His disciples they were to receive the knowledge of the mysteries. There is nothing new under the sun, we glimpse a little at a time as our spiritual eyes are opened gradually.

Too much light at one time can be overwhelming and there is much still to be revealed.

I hesitate to reveal some of what He has shown as it needs to come forth with an anointing to open blind eyes and deaf ears. Nevertheless I must trust in His divine favour and of course the work is His, I am but His vessel for His voice to flow through. Mtt. 13:52, Matt. 13:11, Eccl.1:9, Isa.42:7.

The word tabernacle is one of the most beautiful words, for it denotes such a wonderful and powerful mystery, a subject that has endless meanings. It is spoken about all through His word. It can be interchangeable with the words, house, dwelling, sanctuary to name a few and of course the most important, it speaks of Christ Himself. As He is, so are we, therefore we too are His tabernacle, the body He has chosen to make His dwelling place. Heb.9:11, Rev.21:3.

I will begin at the beginning as He would desire a foundation for the building, so it must be with the bringing forth of truth. May I suggest the following to be read slowly and perhaps more than once as the Spirit of Truth brings light to your soul. I am reminded of His word to those who seek shall find and deep calls to deep. I will write only as He brings the revelation, so there may be line upon line, little by little, precept upon precept. In patience may you possess your soul and let patience have its perfect work. Ps.42:7, Isa. 28:10, Luke21:19, Jam 1:4

I am to build a tabernacle for His glory using words of impartation. Each time He exhorts me to put His words on paper, a sense of His presence accompanies the seeds of His life in the words given and I know His glory is hidden within.

In the beginning God said. God made a sound. This sound was His Voice, His Word. As he spoke His holy breath hovered over and vibrated throughout the blackness of nothing, the place of emptiness that held chaos and His speaking formed substance out of nothing and it too made a sound, took shape into form and colour. The Word of His power was a sound that gave the power of His word authority over this blackness. This Sound came as Light. This Sound that produced out of nothing a substance that cannot be touched, held or trapped. This Light cannot be heard. It is always silent. He created, made and formed with the Sound of His Word. All creation is held together by this Voice.

The Word came from within His being and in due time this Word was clothed with flesh, took on the form of a Man. As he spoke, His Holy breath and Voice came forth in the power of His Spirit, hovered and vibrated throughout the blackness where nothing existed. In the place of emptiness that held only chaos and confusion. It was called No Place if one could give it a name. His speaking formed substance from this nothing and as it became, it too formed a sound and took form into shape and colour.

The Word of His power took this sound and it gave the power of His Word authority over the blackness and chaos. This sound, this Word came forth as Light and this Light produced out of nothing a substance, a vibration which cannot be touched, heard, held or trapped. It is always silent.

The Uncreated One, created, made and formed with the sound of His Word and all creation was, is and will always be held together by this Voice.

I believe this writing will be a prophetic declaration to you the reader of how you have been and are being built into a holy habitation. From the foundation of the world you were chosen to be a carrier for the purpose of a mighty outpouring of the magnificent glory for and of the divine Godhead. The knowledge of this glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. He has indicated to me that I must build these words using the same pattern from His written word for I cannot build on assumption or hearsay. Please do not be put off in my reference to the Old Testament pattern for the Tabernacle. This pattern is only a shadow of the True Pattern Himself who came to present the Presence on the earth of the divine Godhead and His plans for all mankind. You are the means by which these plans will be bought to fulfilment.


You were destined to become this place and yet at the same time you had to come to a place of needing a map of how to get there. You are probably asking the question. How can a person become a place?

May I take the liberty of conveying to you the reader, the revelation of what the Lord has given to me concerning you and your part in this yet to take place event.

You were predestined to become a dwelling place for the Manifested Presence of the glory of the Father who is the Son. God said to Moses,” build a sanctuary for Me to dwell in”. Moses carried the Glory down from the mountain where he spent forty days and nights being given divine instructions, hidden within the cloud of overshadowing away from the eyes of men and women who still carried Egypt in their hearts.

He literally carried upon his actual person, the divine presence of God.

The commandments He gave to men were for the purpose of revealing to them their inadequacy in obeying these rules. They conveyed who God was and how sovereign.

The tabernacle was to represent the holiness of God. You the end-time church are to be the manifestation of the glory and holiness of God

The tabernacle of Moses was the building on earth that carried the Presence. This literal temple has been destroyed.

The actual is here in the form of his Son, the presence now hidden in His church yet to be revealed to the world.


he Lord would say to His church

This Temple not made with human hands, these stones not cut with man made tools shall be as a memorial for the generations as a witness to all, that God alone builds the temple for His occupation.

The house or temple built from man made bricks shall crumble and become fine dust, blown away by the winds of adversity. This is no everlasting monument to house the Spirit of the Living God.

The works of man’s hands, shall be detonated, demolished and razed to the ground.

The eternal building contractor has perfect blueprints patterns, architectural designs and plans. Perfected scaled drawings that will stand the test of time, adversity and the winds of evil.

The time for My confinement is over. I will no longer be contained in the four walls of the buildings you have constructed. My desire is for My presence to go forth and for My Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. Soon all the Kingdoms of earth will be mine

Let me assure you from the start, the coming glory of the end-time church will in fact come from the church herself, for that which will be manifest has been hidden. I am reminded of the scripture that declares, “ the glory of the husband is the wife”. She has been blind to the hidden manna contained in His Word. Jesus, the bridegroom will marry the bride and she is then the wife and He of course, the husband. She is THE GLORIOUS CHURCH. Do not be a sceptic, the unveiling has already begun, many have already been given a glimpse and although the veil has been rent to reveal the Source of the Glory, still we the bride have not yet fully seen, many still need to have eyes washed with eye salve that we may see that which has always been.

And still yet the preparation not yet complete as she is counselled by Him to buy gold from Him, the only source of this substance refined in the fire of His burning Love, that His bride will inherit the richness of His divine nature, having the mind of Christ, in fact being so one with Him that she thinks His thoughts and speaks His words. So divinely submitted to the Heavenly Bridegroom, she has no thoughts of her own, indeed one with Him as He is with the Father. In His divine work on her soul He has so overcome her with His love, that there is no more fear and she has no need to hide from His all seeing eyes. The state of her soul in her nakedness before Him holds no shame for she has also bought white garments, knowing that her righteousness is through the washing of His word and blood upon and in her life.

Many do not understand the warnings He so lovingly gives. He is jealous over her and desires her so greatly that He instead of His words of life and love issuing forth from His mouth, if she has only a lukewarm love for Him it is abhorrent to Him and instead of love issuing forth it will be as vomit. (Undigested food) She would not receive His Words of life, the bread of heaven.

He would say

I have set My seal upon My virgins, many carry oil, but it is the oil that does not contain the divine ingredients. This oil will have no sustaining virtues, it is manufactured by the flesh. My word says that My true anointing oil is not to be placed on the flesh, cannot be used by the flesh and many have sought to use this oil without paying the true price. They have paid dirt money and there is no sustaining power in the work of the flesh. This oil in your lamp can only be obtained through the broken and contrite heart. You whose lamp is always aglow have allowed My Spirit to take His continual cutting back of the wick that the flow of oil is always steady and strong. You have not flinched as the circumcision knife has cut away all the blackness hidden deep in your soul. You have allowed the Spirit of burning to do His work and you are a sweet smell in My nostrils. As My servant Abraham offered up his son as a burning sacrifice so do I accept you as you place yourself before My burning love.

As I said to My servant Paul “ For I will show him how many things he must suffer For My name’s sake,” .All who desire to have their lamps continually full will pay with the laying down of their flesh that they may be raised up in due time to carry forth the anointing of brokenness that will continually glow in holy splendour as the world becomes darker.

Remember it is written in My Book of the cleansing of My temple not once but twice. I would come to you My temple, the second time and I will do a deeper work. You would say as I did of the enemy “he has nothing in me.”

The time for My confinement is over. I will no longer be contained in the four walls of the buildings you have constructed . My desire is for My Presence to go forth and for My kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. You carry that Kingdom within you. Wherever you are is the Kingdom and where the Kingdom is then so is the My Glory, the Glory is My Son you carry within you. Soon all the kingdoms of earth will be mine. When you read My word you will see that the temple I had My son Solomon to build for My glory, was destroyed. Why? Solomon allowed the worship of other gods in the place I had instructed him to build for My glory. I left this place of harlotry. I will not share My glory with another. You want My glory, My presence to go with you as it did with My servant Moses. Then leave all behind and present yourself to me on My mountain. Come into My cloud, Hide yourself with Me for your forty days and nights of testing and strengthening. Bring no food or water, I will be All Sufficient for your needs.

There I will commission and instruct you as to how I will have you to expand My Kingdom in preparation for My Royal Visitation. You have already been given divine instructions that it will not be by might nor by power but by My Spirit.

I will soon unveil My Son to My church, that she may unveil Him to the world.

The Gentiles are God’s plan to manifest the Presence of Christ to My chosen nation.

The unveiling of Christ to My church will unveil the church to the world and the world will see Him as He is but first the blindness will be taken from My first covenant people, Israel.

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