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1915 mi02


The table had been set, all made ready, they came, so many. Some had only just arrived, some had waited from before the great flood for this wonderful moment. All creation was longing, the earth had groaned, heaved, shifted, moaned, cried out for the true sons of God to come forth. Heaven heard the earth and those who wept, who travailled as with child for the salvation of the souls who lived in darkness to receive this Great Light, He Who was with the Creator of all things as He came forth through the mouth of the All Sufficient One.

The invitations had gone out. He summoned His guests.The line seemed to go on forever, in fact it did go on forever. In the time before time, in eternity. Throughout the history of the earth, they had been chosen before forever, before the foundation of the earth. It was an orderly line, and yet in the hearts of those who had been made ready, an excitement, a quickening, that holy flutter they had experienced so often in their earthly lives was now a constant source of joy and anticipation.

There was a voice, a speaking, a language, a new language, they all understood each other. The separation of these ones had ceased since they arrived. It was as if they had one heart which now took on a rhythm, all pulsating with one accord. The sound came not from their mouths but from deep within the region of their hearts. An intense affirmation and love for each other. Those who left the earthly domain had experienced this profound depth of heavenly longing to pour forth this glorious, rich passion, but it had been beyond expression until now.

All had come from tribulation, tried and tested in the furnace of affliction. Smeared with the sweet, perfumed anointing oil of suffering love. The air was infused with this heavenly aroma, pure and without mixture, coming forth as the substance of divine Love, the Word Himself, Who was with God in the beginning before the foundations of the earth were laid, when the morning stars sang.

All had followed their Masters' command, desiring to lay down their lives, that others would enter the Kingdom of Love.

A large book was opened, all present began to surge forward, eagerly waiting to hear their names called. They wondered how this book could contain so many names. Each one had been given a white stone with their new name known only to them and the One who had given it. All had been issued an invitation at His cross and only those who knelt beneath it's awesome power, those who experienced the saving power of the divine blood poured out for the sake of their sin sick souls. Only those who pledged allegience to the Lamb, would partake of the resurrection to come. This place of exchange, of transformation, called and prepared them to sit at a table in the presence of their enemies. Many had walked throught the valley of the shadow of death and learnt to fear no evil. They had overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and had not loved their lives even unto their death. It had been set before the foundation of the world for such a time as this. They came up from the wilderness, leaning heavily on His arm, faint with love and adoration. They had crossed over the Jordan River into the Promised land. For some their progress had been slow and hazardous. Each attempt, was met by the forces of darkness and on numerous occasions they stumbled on blind and hopeless through dry, barren land, where only thorns and briers grew, seemingly so alone. Hissing serpents under every rock.They were unaware of being watched, each step monitered closely by an enemy they could not see

They would have no memory of their crossing for the country they would occupy for all eternity, was a land of milk and honey where no wild beasts dwell, where they would live beside the River of Life and on each side of this River were trees for the healing of the nations. They would be escorted to a mansion, there a room had been especially prepared for them, where they would sleep in perfect safety. 

It had been an intense warfare and although the battle had been fought for them, many were weary of the onslaught.


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