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Trained for the Masters' use

Being fit for the Masters' use is a divine work of the Spirit that your outward man or fleshly soul will come under subjection the Spirit of His Holiness, Who resides in your innermost being, your new heart given you by the Lord when you chose to walk with Him. You will be fine tuned to whichever way He would move you and you dare not disobey. In fact you will experience a great delight in being obedient that no thought of turning away shall be considered. He will teach you to welcome all His dealings with you. Be not concerned at the fiery trial it is for a far greater weight of glory.

The Word within you as Light and Life, coupled with His fire of love will wither, shred, burn and be blown away by the Wind of His Spirit as aspects of your earthly foundations undergo this holy transformation and will be no more as your new character is formed out of the crucible of white hot love. As the Light of Life does His work, so too death in the soul will be swallowed up in victory, death and life working together. The body disciplined to be of service to the Lord.

No resurrection without Calvary

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